Branding for a philanthropic organization with deep cultural, political and artistic roots.

“For over 40 years, Luis A. Miranda, Jr. and Dr. Luz Towns-Miranda have championed community activism, viewing philanthropy as a three-pronged approach through giving, fundraising, and advocacy efforts. Along with Luz Miranda-Crespo, Lin-Manuel, Miguel Towns, and their respective spouses, Luis Crespo and Vanessa Nadal, they have created and supported institutions focused on underserved populations in Upper Manhattan, communities throughout NYC, across the country, and in Puerto Rico.”

To properly represent the breadth of their charitable endeavors, we needed to create a logo that was distinct on its own and true to the family as a whole.


The Miranda Family Fund logo features a hand drawn curve, that evokes both the M in the Miranda family name and the mountains of Puerto Rico, where the family originates. That heritage is one of the cornerstones of the foundation’s work, that ties together the wide range of causes it supports. While the red of the logo is also in homage to Puerto Rico, the gradient effect is meant to symbolize the span across the generations of the family, while creating a visual depth.

Sketch Process


The sketch process occurred in real time, during our client onboarding call. Stories of the family moving to New York, the artistic journeys, their efforts during Hurricane Maria, led to numerous sketches of the landscapes of Puerto Rico, New York, wind in the hurricane, and the strength of family roots. By the end of that first call, we had a treasure trove of ideas, from which all other sprang. The hand drawn curve itself then existed in many forms before the final design was determined.

Color Palette


From the beginning, we knew that red was the likely logo color. But choosing a named color does not mean the work is done. We curated 3 palettes of red – warm, cool, and neutral – in an array of brightness and hue. Once narrowed down, we experimented with color treatments before landing on the final gradient blend of 2 shades.

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