Updating Their Digital and Physical Collateral for Conferences and Beyond

Our challenge was to update the look and feel of KCC’s print and digital materials without straying too far from their existing logo and color palette. The overall look was created to provide a sense of upward movement, in line with their forward-thinking technology platform. All new tag lines and content were created to reflect this shift in tone. The rebranding was then carried through from booth design and print collateral, to banner ads and email marketing, to Tweets.


We introduced a sense of fluidity and movement to what had previously been a very static and traditional square look. The resulting effect created is a distinct and memorable visual identity that stands apart in the field, as you can see from the conference photos below.


Conference Email Blast

New email templates were created, blending the new look with the existing content style. The designs are dynamically optimized for mobile viewing.

Note Card

On the fly, we wrote and designed a custom spec note card to accompany the sponsor gift.

Banner Graphics


KCC sought an eye-catching, reusable banner for main expo areas. Our design highlighted their primary tag line and the updated branding.

We initially engaged them to revamp some marketing collateral for one division and now all four divisions are engaged in their services. that funny agency is approachable, quick, efficient, and a great partner to build a long term relationship with. They are flexible and highly responsive to all requests!

Casey Ives​, Director of Business Development, Corporate Restructuring


Incorporating graphics

The Challenge





The existing brand graphics had a muted and static quality, incorporating more grey. They also exclusively utilized one shape: squares.

The Solution



The updated graphic imagery pulls from the entire KCC logo, to bring in more of a sense of curve and flow. There is greater variation within the graphic itself, which draws the eye. The copy feels highlighted by the wrap of the imagery, drawing your attention to the messaging.

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