Embeleco Unlimited is the creative brainchild of Luis A. Miranda, Jr.


Embeleco Unlimited is the creative brainchild of Luis A. Miranda, Jr. The production company debuted with branding by that funny agency, including logo and this opening credits sequence. Their first documentary, Going Varsity in Mariachi made its word premiere at Sundance Film Festival in 2023.



The name Embeleco comes from an obscure Spanish word that holds special meaning to Luis and his creative team. It refers to the projects they are conceiving and producing: those that are outside the box from how they may be traditionally presented, or that otherwise would be systematically ignored. The design challenge was to embody the spirit of the name, the spirit of Luis, and the diversity of their producing endeavors.

Brand Concepting

Visual Logo Ideation

Design and Production


Sketch process


The tessellated/origami bird is an abstract interpretation of the Reina Mora, the national bird of Puerto Rico, from where Miranda hails. It embodies what we’ve termed a liquid identity – possessing a primary form, ever full of the possibility of changing.



The color palette focuses on Turquoise, with supporting colors in a range of blues and purples, reminiscent of the tropical colors native to Puerto Rico. The bold san serif font evokes sheer the force of nature that is Luis Miranda, Jr.


“From the moment we engaged with TFA on the logo design for Embeleco Unlimited, their creative team made the process smooth and joyful. “Embeleco” is a colloquial Spanish term that we have given our own meaning to – and we wanted the image to capture that inspiration. TFA was able to convert our concept into a visual design packed with meaning and heart. We couldn’t believe how quickly they came up with such beautiful work. Months later, we came back to ask for an animated version, which we needed in days. Despite the quick turnaround, they made themselves available to us, came up with storyboards for our review and executed the final design when we needed it. We are so proud of our animated Embeleco logo and thankful for the work TFA did to make it happen.”

Luis A. Miranda, Jr., Founder

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