What is Google Analytics 4?


Google launched Google Analytics in 2009, but the version you’re likely familiar with is Universal Analytics, circa 2015. In 2020, Google launched the next generation of analytics: Google Analytics 4 (aka GA4), an overhaul of the existing paradigm. GA4 is not just custom metrics, but improved measurement, attribution reporting, and finally, integrated Web and App data. And you know what else? Cookieless! yes, analysis in a future without cookies.

“Google Analytics 4 is our next-generation measurement solution, and it’s replacing Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. We strongly encourage you to make the switch to Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible.” Google Analytics Support Center, March 16, 2022.



With our 4 step migration plan, we move you to GA4 in the most painless and efficient way possible.

Step 1: Meet GA 4


The purpose of this step is for you to learn about GA4, get to know how it works, and understand how to prepare for the next digital era without cookies. Did you know that cookies were going away? Well, they are! It may be great news for you when you’re browsing as a user, to no longer get those pop-ups to accept cookies. But if you’re still in Universal Google Analytics, it’s not good news for your metric tracking.


Step 2: Date GA4


This is the step where we initiate actions on the new property in GA4, but at the same time to continue working with the Universal Analytics property. By the end of this phase, data should be collected in a GA4 data stream without any issues. Keeping Universal Analytics running while setting up GA4 ensures that you are never without functioning metrics.


Step 3: Move in with GA4


We audit your needs to determine which events and objectives are really necessary in GA4. We then meet to review and align on those goals. At the end of this phase, in addition to your basic setup tracking, you’ll also have the specific events that complement your measurement strategy and marketing plan.


Step 4: Get ENGAGED with GA4


Setting you up for success if the most important piece and final step, dedicated to performing data checks, comparisons and adjustments if necessary. At the end of it, all the necessary information will be collected and displayed. We’ll walk you through your GA4 interface and reports, to ensure you are confident in understanding the new property.


Every company is sized differently, but ENGAGE4 really falls into three distinct categories:



• Small business
• Basic website
• Basic tracking requirements



• Medium business
• More complex website
• Custom tracking requirements



• Multiple domains
• Custom integrations
• Advanced tracking requirements


Are you ready to say yes to GA4? Please get in touch