Do you sometimes ask yourself: how do I get the best ROI from my digital presence? Which channels are my customers connecting on? How can I grow my customer base? What’s the ideal combination of paid marketing vs organic SEO vs social media? What am I going to eat for lunch? Why are there so many possibilities???

Where you have questions, our Strategic Vision team has answers. Much like finding the perfect recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth and your conscience, our team can develop the perfect recipe for your digital success. That includes analyzing your unique needs, using research and expertise to yield actionable results, and then collaborating with the entire that funny agency team to implement those strategies.

Speaking of baked goods, we highly recommend starting our partnership with DONUTS. Not to be confused with everyone’s favorite breakfast, our Digital Omnichannel N’ Unified Technology (DONUT) Strategy is a detailed, 360° roadmap developed to perfectly suit your needs and long-term goals.

Our DONUT Strategy includes a holistic assessment of your digital presence, tailored to your needs. Our Next Tech strategists will audit your entire digital landscape, utilizing technological assessments, interactive workshops, stakeholder interviews, and proprietary tools to gain a deep understanding of where you are, digitally. We then use our expertise to analyze the research, providing innovative and creative data-driven solutions that you can feel confident in.

Marketing Strategy

  • Branding
  • Content
  • Website/App
  • E-commerce
  • Customer journey and experience
  • Voice and advanced search

Tech Stack Review

  • Programming languages
  • Frameworks
  • Database
  • Frontend tools
  • Backend tools
  • Applications connected via APIs

Managed IT Service Consultation

  • Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure
  • Security services, including monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting or incident response
  • Configuration, monitoring and management of cloud services
  • Network management
  • Database administration

Staff Augmentation

  • Solution architecture
  • Engineering: frontend, backend, and full stack developers
  • API development
  • Cloud architecture
  • IOT/Connected device strategy
  • Security

let’s collaborate!

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