why that funny agency?


We are a 360° digital marketing agency that thrives on highly imaginative and sometimes disruptive solutions for adventurous brands who refuse to settle for the mundane and outdated methods of solving the challenges they face.

With wisdom, wit and wonder, that funny agency’s mission is to use our innate humor to partner with adventurous brands seeking long-term growth through innovative digital marketing solutions, rooted in the science of happiness.

Everyone has a digital presence. But not every company forges digital connections. At that funny agency, we use our innate humor to bridge the digital divide, bringing us all closer together—customer to business, collaborator to client, friend to friend. In this evolving digital landscape, we meet you where you are and focus on providing innovative solutions:

– Strategically, using data and research to yield better returns
– Creatively, bringing wonder, wit and wisdom to every interaction
– Flexibly, with cross-functional team members who adapt in real-time to suit your needs

We’re the collaborative partners that you can rely on for long-term growth.

who is that funny agency?

Jared Miller

ceo / founding partner

Jared is a business and media professional leader who has been advocating for clients, solving mysteries and protecting digital entities for over 25 years. While working as a Senior Client Partner and Director of Business Development, he found great success focusing on results-based-solutions for large enterprise and mid-market clients. As an entertainment professional and digital producer in website development, ecommerce solutions, omni-channel marketing, digital software development and digital transformation, he has led large agile teams and created award winning results. He also loves bad dad jokes.

Annie Minogue

general manager

Annie is a rock star! No, literally. Annie is the lead singer and songwriter of the acclaimed and award-winning Annie Minogue Band. Sharing the wealth of her experience garnered from her career in administration and HR at shops such as DRM Partners and KLK Staffing, and as Program Director of Fair Play: A Concert for Justice, Annie rules the roost from her perch on the Operations side of TFA. With high emotional intelligence and meticulousness, Annie keeps the many moving parts of our agency in sync and on-beat amidst diverse points of view and against aggressive deadlines. When not getting our band together, Annie is, of course, rocking out with hers … www.annieminogue.com

let’s collaborate!

tell us what’s on your mind and allow us to help you forge an ingenious digital path forward—with measurable results.